Your contacts, meetings, and room systems are combined into one directory. The directory is broken out into four tabs:

  • Favorites
  • Contacts
  • Rooms
  • Meetings

You can also use Search to find contacts, meetings, and room systems

Tapping a contact, meeting, or room system takes you to the contact card where you can:

  • video-rain Call
  •  chat-rain Chat (if Chat is enabled)
  • schedule Schedule a meeting
  • Access calling details
  • Click favorite to make a favorite

Tap + in the upper right-hand corner to access the menu to:

  • favorite-outline Add a favorite
  • avatar-person Create a contact
  • avatar-meeting Create a meeting
  1. Enter a meeting name.      
  2. Add a meeting description. Enter up to a 200 character description of the meeting.
  3. Set a numeric passcode to join the meeting: You can increase security by including a passcode to join. The passcode is automatically included in email and calendar invitations. All participants must enter a 4-10 digit numeric code to join the meeting. NOTE: Group chat is not available in meeting rooms using a passcode.
  4. Choose a moderator. The moderator can remove participants as well as mute and unmute all participants in a meeting.
  5. Choose a lecturer: Type in the name of the person you wish to assign as a lecturer. Participants can see the main speaker but not one another. The lecturer can remove participants.
  6. Tap Done.