Schedule a meeting

  1. On the navigation bar, tap  Meet and then tap the schedule Schedule button.
  2. Choose a place to call by tapping the search bar and selecting Call me directly if you want to schedule an invitation to call your Lifesize extension or type a name in the search bar. 
  3. Send the meeting invite by EmailCalendar, or Text which creates a text message with your meeting invite. 
    • Email:
      1. Tap Email.
      2. Select the desired email app.
      3. Type the email address(es).
      4. Tap Send and your meeting invite is emailed to your meeting participants.
    • Calendar:
      1. Tap Calendar.
      2. Select your calendar app and enter the meeting information. Saving the meeting adds it to your calendar. 
    • Text:
      1. Tap TextNOTE: Allow Lifesize to send and view SMS messages.
      2. Select the recipient(s) from your contacts list and tap Send.