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February 2019 Update

Lifesize integration for Microsoft Teams is now available. Create, schedule and join Lifesize video meetings directly from Microsoft Teams. The Lifesize integration with Microsoft Teams adds extraordinary video conferencing inside and outside your organization from within the Teams workflow. Learn more.

October 2018 Update

The pop-out presentation window is now available in the Lifesize desktop (Windows®, Mac®) and the web app (Google Chrome™). Learn more.


August 2018 Update

One-time meetings in Lifesize

Lifesize has added more versatility to meetings with the option of a single-use, private meeting space that is hidden from the directory. 

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July 2018 Update

Easier access to camera and audio settings

In the web and desktop apps, we have added a "gear"  icon so you can quickly change your camera and audio sources when you are in a call.

Improved Video Call Quality with Direct Media in Client-to-Client Calls

Lifesize has improved the efficiency of how audio, video and content in point-to-point calls are routed when using the Lifesize web and desktop app. By routing media directly, when possible, Lifesize can avoid unnecessary usage of a company’s internet connection, which lowers bandwidth and improves latency for the customer. The ultimate outcome is superior audio, video and presentation quality and a better overall meeting experience.

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June 2018 Update

Add participants in the new mobile app

We have added the ability to add a participant while in a call using the mobile app.

Language support

Help files for the new mobile app are now available in 15 languages. 


May 2018 Update

The new Lifesize mobile app is now available

The Lifesize mobile app offers remote users more flexibility for joining meetings, enabling increased collaboration throughout your organization. Learn more.

April 2018 Update

Lifesize Third-Party Device Registration update
Directory provisioning is now available for supported Cisco® devices.

New Lifesize Outlook Add-in
The new Lifesize Outlook Add-in has a completely new design with a simple, intuitive interface that is consistent with the new Lifesize web and desktop apps. Users can easily create and schedule meetings or instantly launch a Lifesize call directly from Outlook. The new Outlook Add-in automatically updates, reducing the burden on IT to manage rollouts of software updates. Learn more.

Far-end camera controls

Support for far-end camera controls has been added in the Lifesize web and desktop apps.

New language

Support for Korean has been added.

Admin console

This release provides an enhancement to the admin console enabling more customization for Lifesize Phone HD. Personalize your Lifesize Phone HD home screen wallpaper, layout, buttons and names of your times zones. Learn more.


February 2018 Update

Lifesize Third-Party Device Registration is now available

Select Cisco® and Polycom® devices can register directly to the Lifesize service. Learn more.

Meeting Maintenance Changes

We’ve made improvements in the admin console to the meeting maintenance feature, which automatically deletes inactive meetings. You’ll also notice a new label next to your meetings that are expiring soon – making it easy for you to check the status at a glance. Additionally, to prevent unintentional deletion of inactive meetings, we added a new step prompting admins to verify changes to the expiry interval before saving. Learn more.


November 2017 Update

Meeting cleanup feature in Lifesize Admin Console

This release includes an automatic cleanup feature for inactive meetings. In the admin console, you will notice a new label next to your meetings that are expiring soon – making it easy for you to check status at a glance. Learn more or go to the help page.


September 2017 Update

The new Lifesize app is now available

We are excited to announce the full release of the Lifesize web and desktop apps. Learn more.