Send an invitation from Google Calendar

Send Lifesize Cloud meeting invitations directly from Google Calendar. The Google Chrome extension from Lifesize Cloud is required. Download and install the Google Chrome extension for Lifesize Cloud from the Chrome Web Store.

NOTE: If you’ve shared a presentation on Lifesize Cloud in your Chrome browser, you already have the extension installed.

  1. Click buddy word to the right of the address bar in your Chrome browser. You may be prompted to log in to Lifesize Cloud.
  2. Enter your Lifesize Cloud credentials.
  3. Click buddy word and click Schedule Google Calendar.
  4. Click Meet on Lifesize.
  5. You'll see your name appear on a drop down menu. Click the arrow to choose a meeting room or video system.
  6. Add invitees.
  7. Click Save.

Tip: Learn how to create a recurring meeting in Lifesize Cloud.

View a video about scheduling a Lifesize Cloud meeting from Google Calendar.