Send an invitation from Microsoft Outlook

The Lifesize Microsoft Outlook Add-in is only available for Microsoft Windows PCs and requires a Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher client.

On the Lifesize Cloud download page, click Lifesize Microsoft Outlook Add-In and follow the setup wizard instructions. You may be prompted to close and restart Microsoft Outlook.

Upon a successful installation, you must configure your settings:

  1. On your Outlook Calendar Home ribbon, click Schedule Meeting here MS Outlook Lifesize Schedule a meeting button.
  2. Select Account Credentials.
  3. In the Lifesize Login Credentials window, enter your Lifesize Cloud email address and password.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Schedule Meeting again and select Settings.
  6. Select the Default Meeting Location*.
  7. Click Save.

*NOTE: If you recently created the meeting location in your app and do not see it in the list, click the arrow to the right of the list to refresh it.

Optional: To add customized text to all of your Lifesize Cloud invitations, enter it in Customize Email Invitation. You can edit this text when you create your meetings.

You are now able to schedule a meeting from within your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Access Lifesize Cloud from the Home ribbon on Microsoft Outlook calendar. The Lifesize Cloud button is actually two buttons:

  • Click buddy word to quickly create a meeting invitation based on default settings.
  • Click Outlook-schedule-meeting to create a unique meeting invitation or to configure your default settings.

Tip: Set your Default Meeting to Call Me. Click buddy word to quickly create a meeting by having all participants call you directly.

View a video about scheduling a Lifesize Cloud meeting from Microsoft Outlook.