Let's chat

Chat with other people in your Lifesize Cloud account at any time. Select chat to see a list of names of people available to chat. Type a name in the Search field to quickly find someone.

You can also start a chat from the directory. Search users or select a name and then click chat from the person’s contact card to start chatting. If the device doesn’t support chat — a conference room system, for example — the icon will be grayed out.

If you are chatting with someone, click call-outgoing-video or Call from the chat window to call them.

You can have multiple chat sessions, each with an individual participant. Each person you chat with appears in the left column, and chat content appears in the right. Select a different name in the left column to switch between conversations.

Chatting with a group in meeting rooms

You can group chat with other members of your Lifesize Cloud team by joining them in a meeting room. To chat in a group, choose the meeting room and click chat to join. You can group chat both in and out of a call. People outside of your Lifesize Cloud account cannot participate in chat, nor will they see the chat conversation.

Participant names are listed on the right, along with their online status.

Chat history is maintained in the meeting room, and others who join the room later can read the chat history. Chat history cannot be deleted.

Note: Chat is not available currently for meeting rooms that use a passcode.

You can participate in multiple group and individual chat sessions at the same time. You’ll see notifications for incoming chats in both the Chat list and the left navigation. Switch between chats by selecting an individual or meeting name in the left column.

While in a group chat, participants can easily go into a video call by clickingcall-outgoing-video. Each individual must click the call-outgoing-video to join.­­­­­­