Record calls and meetings

You can record calls and meetings from all of your devices with one click, if your account manager has enabled the feature for your group.

During a call, select record to start recording.

When a recording completes, recorded videos are organized and archived into a recording feed for viewing later.

To view or manage recordings, open the app and select recording-view-black from the left navigation. You can sort recordings in your feed by date, timeframe, views, and likes, and display them in list or grid view. When you choose a recording to view, you can also like or add the recording to your watch list.

Share recordings of a meeting series

Meeting owners own all recordings of their meetings, regardless of which participant initiates the recording. To set the initial viewing permissions for your recordings:

  1. Open the app and select recording-view-black from the left navigation.
  2. Navigate to any Videos page.
  3. In Select Meeting, enter the name of the meeting, and click Share.
  4. In Share Properties: Meeting Series, choose from the following options:
    • add or remove viewers
    • set the recording to No Sharing
    • get a shareable link for your Cloud group that provides access to the meeting series

Share individual recordings

For ad-hoc calls, the person who initiates the recording becomes the recording owner. If you're using a Lifesize Icon that's connected to Cloud, you can select the owner when you start recording. Simply press record and then choose a recording owner from members in your Cloud group.

Recording owners can customize the audience for individual recordings. Here's how:

  1. Select recording-view-black from the left navigation.
  2. Navigate to any Videos page.
  3. Select the recording to share, and click Share.

In Share Properties: Recording you can see existing viewers and add viewers. Note: Users cannot re-share or edit recordings that have been shared with them. Account managers can see all recordings in their Cloud group.

Recording owners can get shareable links for their Cloud group and for people outside their group. Recordings are also available for download as MPEG-4 files.