Share content

During a call or meeting, click share content to start sharing your desktop. If someone else is presenting, you’ll have the option to stop their presentation before you begin yours.

You’ll see share content when you’re sharing your screen. Participants in the call seereceive content when they are viewing your presentation. Use the arrows between the presentation and call windows to resize them.

Click share content to stop sharing.

NOTE: If you are using the Lifesize Cloud Web App in your Chrome browser, you must download the Google Chrome extension for Lifesize Cloud first in order to share a presentation. No extension is required for Internet Explorer 11.

Audio plus screen sharing participants (Web Conferencing Mode)

You can join meetings as an audio caller, and view presentations and share content.

You must join the meeting from the search-based directory. Click the meeting name to open to the contact card for the meeting, then choosevoice plusto connect as an audio caller with content sharing capabilities.


View a video about presenting in a meeting.