Connect your Lifesize 220

Once you have a Lifesize Cloud account, you can connect your Lifesize 220 video system to the Cloud service.

Is my system connected already? From your 220 system, navigate to Administrator Preferences > Communications to view the status of the system. If it's connected, Ready shows for Lifesize Cloud Service.

When you're connected, your 220 behaves like the Cloud app on your other devices:

  • Lifesize Cloud applies configuration settings to the system directly.
  • All contacts in your company’s Cloud group are available from your system directory.
  • Your 220 can add video participants and accept multiple incoming callers to the active call.
  • Software upgrades are automatically applied to your Icon instead of requiring you to perform a manual update from a separate file. The system prompts you to apply the update, allowing you to delay the operation if desired.

Connect your 220 to Lifesize Cloud

Connect to the Lifesize Cloud service during initial configuration. To initiate this process after installation, reset your system to its default settings.

Remember: You must have a Lifesize Cloud user account to connect your 220 to the service.

  1. Upgrade your 220 system to software version 5.0.4 or later.
  2. When the initial configuration wizard presents the Lifesize Cloud preference, select Enabled.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to the URL shown on your 220.
  4. Sign in to Lifesize Cloud by entering your Cloud email address and password.
  5. Enter the activation code shown on your 220.
  6. You can associate a 220 system to an individual user or a conference room:
    Individual userMe allows Cloud end users to associate the device to themselves.

    User allows Cloud account managers to associate the device to any user in their Cloud group.

    Conference roomUse this option if the device resides in a conference room and is intended for multiple users.

    Creates a separate Cloud account for the 220 system. Enter a name for the system that appears in the Cloud directory. Optionally, enter an email address for calling the system.

  7. Navigate to Administrator Preferences > Communications to view the status of the system. If it's connected, Ready shows for Lifesize Cloud Service.

Disconnect your 220 system from Lifesize Cloud

  1. Reset your system to its default settings in Administrator Preferences > System > System Reset.
  2. When the initial configuration shows the option to enable the Cloud service, select Disabled.
  3. Ask your Cloud account manager to remove the system from your Cloud user account.

220 meetings on Lifesize Cloud

Meetings on a 220 system that is not connected to Cloud are different than meetings created on Cloud.  On a 220 (not connected to Cloud), you create local groups from your contacts.  A user dials this group and the system dials each participant in the group. When connected to Cloud, each participant dials in and joins the meeting individually. On Cloud you can create meetings with no participants; a meeting created from a 220 system that is not connected to Cloud must include at least one participant.

Refer to the release notes for your 220 system for additional information about behavioral differences and preferences that are disabled when connected to Cloud.

View a video about connecting a Lifesize 220 to Cloud.