Connect your Lifesize Icon

Once you have a Lifesize Cloud account, you can connect your Lifesize Icon to the Cloud service.

Is my Icon connected already?

From the Icon main screen, navigate to > to view the status of the system. If it's connected, Ready shows for Communications > Lifesize Cloud Service.

When you're connected, Icon behaves like the Cloud app on your other devices:

  • Lifesize Cloud applies configuration settings to the Icon directly.
  • All contacts in your company’s Cloud directory are available from your Icon in . Their online status appears as well.
  • Virtual meeting rooms are available in  .
  • Icon can add video participants and accept multiple incoming callers to the active call.
  • Software upgrades are automatically applied to your Icon instead of requiring you to perform a manual update from a separate file. The system prompts you to apply the update, allowing you to delay the operation if you are in a call or otherwise using the system.

To disconnect your Icon from the Cloud

  1. Reset your system to its default settings in Maintenance > System Reset > System Reset .
    NOTE: This action removes your current settings, including your entries in Favorites.
  2. When the initial configuration wizard asks you to join the Cloud service, select No.
  3. Ask your Cloud account manager to remove the Icon from your Cloud user account.

Remember:  Once you activate the Cloud service on your Icon you can only place calls to public addresses.

Learn more about Icon.

View a video about how to connect an Icon to the Cloud.