Customize your Lifesize Icon systems through Lifesize Cloud

If you have Lifesize Icon systems connected to Lifesize Cloud, you can upload a custom background image.

Note: Feature availability varies by subscription plan.

  1. Log in to the Lifesize Cloud admin console.
  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings > Features and Options > Icon Custom Background.
  3. Select Custom background, then click Browse… and locate the image file.
    The file must be a PNG, and the recommended maximum size is 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  4. Click Update to upload the file to your Lifesize Icon systems.

All of your Lifesize Icon systems will display the custom background image when not in a call. When a user presses a button on the Lifesize phone or the remote, the system will show the near-end camera view. If you have dual screens in your meeting room, both screens will have the custom background.

To change the image, load a new custom background image file.

To remove the image from your Lifesize Icon systems, select No background and then click Update.