Customize your Lifesize Phone HD through Cloud

For Lifesize Cloud customers with Lifesize Phone HD attached to a Lifesize Icon 400|600|800 system, you can customize the time zones and buttons on the home screen of Lifesize Phone HD through the Video Systems page of the web console of Lifesize Cloud.

  1. Sign in and click Video Systems.
  2. Select the phone you want to customize by clicking on the Lifesize Phone HD link in its row. You may select multiple phones by clicking the checkbox next to each name that is associated with a Lifesize Phone HD. Select Customize Selected Phone(s).
  3. Set Home Screen Time Zones: Use the drop down menus to select up to four time zones. You may also select none. Drag and drop to move the time zones into the preferred positions. NOTE: The large clock on the home screen is not customizable and will display the local time and date. Click Next.
  4. Set Home Screen Buttons: Click on a button to select. There are multiple buttons to choose from:
  • Present
  • Camera
  • Sleep
  • Start
  • Volume
  • DnD (Do Not Disturb)
  • Health
  • Calendar
  • My Info
  • Favorites
  • Call
  • Directory
  • Meetings
  • Recents
  • Add a Call Shortcut

You may select up to four buttons. You may also select none. Drag and drop to move the buttons into the preferred positions. Click the X in the upper right corner of the button to remove it from the home screen. If you have selected four buttons, you must remove one before you can add another.

You may add a call shortcut for users in your Directory, Meetings or frequently called third parties. The button is active only if there are 0–3 buttons in the preview; otherwise, the button will be grayed out and inactive.

    • Select the CallShortcut button to Add a Call Shortcut.
    • To select someone in your Directory, begin typing a name in the Display Name, and the Calling Details will automatically populate. Select the correct entry and then select Add.
    • For a new entry, type in a Display Name and Calling Details. The Calling Details entry should be an IP address or a Lifesize Cloud extension. Select Add.
    • After adding a Call Shortcut to the Home Screen, you may change the Display Name by hovering your cursor over the Display Name and then clicking to edit.
    • Click Next.

5. It may take up to one minute to update your phone. Any calls in progress will not be interrupted, but new calls will have to wait until after the update. Click Update when you are ready to proceed.