Best practices

Follow the best practices recommended by your video system manufacturer for optimal performance with Lifesize Cloud.


Other callers can't hear me

Some Mac devices ask for your permission to access the mic when you start the Lifesize Cloud app the first time. If you select No by mistake, your audio is unavailable to callers.

Solution: Select Settings > Privacy > Microphone and enable the Lifesize Cloud app.

Wired headsets

For optimal audio with desktop and mobile clients, use wired headsets. If you are using headphones with two connectors with models of Mac devices that use a single analog headphone port, you must connect them with a TRRS converter.

Noise reduction option

Mac users should enable the Apple noise reduction option on the mic input for optimal audio quality.


Ensure that the system maintains the best possible image quality by altering the lighting and background of your environment as necessary, or adjusting camera settings according your vendor's recommendation.