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For Today’s Contact Centers, Great First Impressions May Start With AI

Everybody knows you only get one chance to make a first impression — which is why I want to start this week’s post with something truly inspiring. Let me direct your attention to the venerable U.S. reality TV show, The Bachelor.  But seriously! Stay with me. In every season of The Bachelor, there’s a prize […]

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From Cloud Laggards to CX Leaders: Confronting the Fears of CCaaS Adoption

Part 3: Mitigating Personal Risk and Career Stakes  This blog post is the finale of a 3-part series on overcoming the fears and risks associated with the weighty decision to migrate a contact center to the cloud. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. People-centric change management A large portion of a cloud migration revolves […]

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5 Tips for Effective Design Collaboration

Remote working has changed how businesses around the world think about staying connected and productive. As a result, companies are rethinking how they’re supporting their employees with processes and tools that facilitate effective remote work and design collaboration.  In this post, I’m going to give you five design collaboration tips that will help remote teams […]

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Everything Your Business Needs to Know About Automated Call Distributor (ACD) Systems?

Delivering exceptional customer service requires everything to go right. It’s not about doing one thing well. It requires countless little things working together in unison as we have learned in midst of the covid-19 pandemic as call center agents shifted to work from home call centers. Businesses not only need to have a system in place […]

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More Digital Channels Can Come with Pitfalls for Contact Centers, but Omnichannel Can Help

When companies open new lines of communication for customers through digital channels, the goal is to increase convenience and improve customer experience (CX), but if not implemented thoughtfully, it can also create unintended frustration. The frustration comes when customers using multiple channels have to repeat information several times before an issue is resolved. Getting it […]

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11 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations You Need to Try in 2021

For companies already using Microsoft solutions for email, calendar and document sharing, incorporating Microsoft Teams into daily workflows is a practical next step. Since its introduction in 2016, Microsoft Teams has rapidly grown into one of the most popular workplace collaboration tools in the world, recently surpassing more than 75 million daily active users. Spurred […]

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