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From Cloud Laggards to CX Leaders: Confronting the Fears of CCaaS Adoption

Part 3: Mitigating Personal Risk and Career Stakes  This blog post is the finale of a 3-part series on overcoming the fears and risks associated with the weighty decision to migrate a contact center to the cloud. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. People-centric change management A large portion of a cloud migration revolves […]

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Nemertes Research + Lifesize Webinar: CX Transformation and Cloud Contact Centers

In the midst of all the change and disruption of 2020, many organizations are asking themselves an important question: Is now the right time to move an on-premise contact center to the cloud? A recent Nemertes Research webinar presented by Lifesize provides answers to this and other critical questions. Robin Gareiss, Nemertes president, founder and […]

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Interchannel CX: A Cure for Silo Psychosis in the Contact Center

The future of CX is interchannel It’s been a full decade since omnichannel first exploded into the lexicon of contact center buzzwords. Now, as cloud and machine learning technologies grow more mature, we’re finally beginning to glimpse the next phase of CX evolution. Forrester is calling it channel-less. We might call it interchannel; it’s all […]

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Consistently Innovating to Improve Customer and Agent Experiences

Particularly since the onset of the pandemic, contact centers have played a vital role in not only resolving customer issues and requests in a smooth and timely manner, but also in providing business services and sales interactions that can occur across any communication channel beyond in-person. In those ways, contact centers have more than held […]

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