Reframing the Role of the Call Center Agent

Improving customer experience is a stated priority for nearly all businesses, large and small, spanning geographies and every conceivable market category. Yet, elevating customers’ perception of your brand and their experience with your business and products remains elusive, with all but the elite falling short of expectations in one area or another. Businesses face ever-increasing […]

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An agent takes a call

Conference Call Services in 2021 (And Which One is Right for You)

It’s difficult to imagine running any modern business without some sort of conferencing capability, whether it’s video, web or audio-based. While video conferencing has become an integral part of daily operations for many businesses, many companies still don’t have a go-to service for interacting with clients. As a result, participants have to navigate the less-than-ideal […]

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Call Centers 101: The Guide to Call Centers and Which Works Best for Your Business

Every business aspires to be loved by its customers. However, creating a customer experience that engenders lasting customer loyalty and affection requires organizational-wide commitment and prioritization, often with C-level support. For decades, the call center has served as the frontline for the business, offering customers a way to interact directly and receive support from a […]

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Call Center Agent at Workstation

Ideal Work Environments: How to Find Yours and What You’ll Need to Succeed

Everyone thrives in different settings. For some, a high energy work environment with lots of activity spurs creativity. For others, the same environment represents productivity-killing distractions. This is where the concept of your ideal work environment comes in. Do you know which work environment is the best for you? Is it working at the penthouse […]

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CxEngage Video: Setting a New Bar for Customer Engagement in the Contact Center

Customer Engagement in the Contact Center In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many technologies and global trends have come to a head, including two right in Lifesize’s wheelhouse. Video is now everywhere, providing a comfortable work communication medium that is relied on for all manner of business-critical use cases, competitive differentiation and even new […]

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Lifesize CxEngage is shown with video enhanced features for both mobile and desktop

How to Hold a Virtual Meeting and Keep it Running Smoothly

While some businesses were averse to using virtual meetings in the past, that reluctance no longer rings true. More and more companies are discovering all the advantages of virtual meetings. From expanding their reach, to achieving new goals, to staying connected with fellow team members, companies globally are hosting more online meetings than ever before. […]

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