Alan Hagedorn

Senior Vice President of Operations

Personally recruited by Craig Malloy to build Lifesize operations from the ground up.

Lifesize CEO Craig Malloy knew a good hire when he saw one. That’s why, when he started the company in 2003, he invited his former colleague Alan Hagedorn to trade in his golf clubs, come out of retirement and return to the exciting world of tech start-ups to build the Lifesize manufacturing, supply chain and order management disciplines from scratch. With 40-plus years of executive and operations experience at companies such as Polycom, Amati Communications and Network Computing Devices still firing through his neurons, Alan simply couldn’t say no to the exciting new challenge in front of him.

Alan’s enthusiasm for start-up culture has only grown as he’s watched Lifesize develop into a powerhouse within the video conferencing world. It’s fueled his passion for creating products that make a significant impact on the world and, in turn, for watching talent blossom in ways only a start-up can make possible.

Alan has also channeled his entrepreneurial spirit beyond his operations role at Lifesize to start his own winery, Villa Vallecito Vineyards. This Gold Country, California, winery has already earned a number of accolades, including five medals from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and a platinum award at the Winemaker Challenge International Competition.

How Alan Helps Lifesize Customers

As Senior Vice President of Operations, Alan works with his team to find manufacturers who can make products worthy of the Lifesize name. He and his team are always looking for ways to build a better product and get the most from our relationships with vendors. Alan also works with our regional distribution centers to ensure that Lifesize customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

For Alan, it’s all about getting top-quality Lifesize video conferencing products to the right place at the right time so we can get them into the right hands.

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