Amy Downs

Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer

Obsessed with customer success and dedicated to creating ever-greater value for the organizations we serve.

It's not every day that you see a business leader whose professional title includes the words, “customer happiness.” But for Amy Downs, our Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer, there are simply no better words to describe her critical role at Lifesize.

Amy joined Lifesize in 2014 to evangelize the importance of our customers throughout the organization and ensure that everyone who interacts with our company has a smile on their face. From support, service, training and renewals, Amy drives the strategy and execution of programs that benefit our customers and partners to bring successful video collaboration to their companies.  For example, introducing Net Promoter to Lifesize now propels the voices of our customers and partners into all areas of our business and is driving great organizational improvements.  Just as video builds community within an organization by fostering stronger relationships irrespective of distance, our partners and customers also have a welcoming community within Lifesize that they can call home.

Prior to joining Lifesize, Amy led Voxeo’s industry-leading customer support and service organization and oversaw all post-sales interaction with customers. She previously led professional services at Voxeo and before that, Fiserv Corporation. 

Best Movie in the Star Wars Series: The Empire Strikes Back in 3D without question!
Favorite Book: The Alchemist 
Best Arcade Game:  Ms Pacman
Rollercoasters: Absolutely!

Amy understands that customer happiness is the key to business success, and her many initiatives at Lifesize have brought a fundamental cultural shift to the way we do business. If you use Lifesize (or are looking to give us a try for the first time), you thank Amy and her talented team for the outstanding customer service you experience.

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