Joe Bulger

Chief Development Officer

An engineering leader with equal emphasis on people and products.

Joe leads a multinational team of developers responsible for the definition, design and development of every product Lifesize offers. In a nutshell, we have Joe and his team to thank for the innovative video conferencing products our company creates every day. As the head of engineering at Lifesize, Joe guides his team to be the best contributors they can be, turning their passions into successful products and careers.

First joining Lifesize in 2006, Joe led the Software Quality Assurance and Program Management teams. Prior to Lifesize, he held director-level development positions at Newisys and Net Perceptions, where he was instrumental in overseeing products from inception to production. Joe also held other key development roles at Hewlett-Packard, Convex Computer Corporation, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Best Movie in the Star Wars SeriesRaiders of the Lost Ark. OK, A New Hope
Peanut or Regular M&Ms: Peanut
Favorite sports team: Buffalo Bills.
Rollercoasters: Yeah!

How Joe Helps Lifesize Customers

For Joe, creating the best product is measured by how well it addresses customer needs. Making customers more productive, ensuring that the products perform optimally and providing a functionally stable experience for years to come is what our Lifesize engineers strive for every day, and their success is evident in the incredible HD video conferencing products they create.

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