Michael Helmbrecht

Chief Operating Officer

Once a video conferencing skeptic, now a true believer.

When Michael Helmbrecht first encountered video conferencing in the workplace, he was anything but impressed. Of course, that was before Michael experienced Lifesize. It took only one demo with CEO Craig Malloy for Michael to decide to join the company as head of product management in 2008.

Michael interacts with customers and partners on a daily basis, learning how they communicate and collaborate, how they use our products, and how we can make them even better. He and his team ensure that Lifesize products deliver the best experience, are the easiest to use, and offer a value that is accessible for any organization. They work with leading manufacturers to build products worthy of the Lifesize name and ensure that customers get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Prior to Lifesize, Michael spent nine years with Dell Inc. in a number of executive marketing posts, the most recent leading product line management for data storage and networking.

For Michael, it’s all about designing, building and delivering the highest quality Lifesize products to ensure that customers have an outstanding experience.

Best Movie in the Star Wars Series: Return of the Jedi
Favorite sports team:  The Michigan Wolverines.  Go Blue!
Favorite Band:  The Black Keys
Best Arcade game: Galaga

Michael interacts with customers on an almost daily basis, learning how they use our video conferencing technology, what they love about it and how we can make it even better. He and his team work tirelessly to ensure that Lifesize products are the absolute easiest to use, include the most critical features and are sold at a price point that is accessible for any organization.

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