Michael Helmbrecht

Chief Product and Operations Officer

Once a video conferencing skeptic, now a true believer.

When Michael Helmbrecht first encountered video conferencing in the workplace, he was anything but impressed.  Few could make the technology work.  Even once they did, the experience was so poor that the systems ended up just gathering dust in the corner of the meeting rooms.  Of course, that was before Michael experienced Lifesize. 

Prior to Lifesize, Michael spent eight years with Dell Inc. in a number of executive marketing posts, the most recent of which was Director of Marketing, where he was responsible for leading product line management for data storage and networking in the Americas. However, it took only one hour-long demo with Lifesize CEO Craig Malloy making calls with people from around the world for Michael to become hooked. He joined the company as head of product management in 2008.

Though most of his days are spent collaborating with key international constituents via video, Michael has also been able to meet in person with customers, partners and internal teams around the world. In fact, he’s already burning through his second passport since joining Lifesize. Though a bit ironic since video is meant to replace travel, Michael enjoys exploring new countries and cultivating in-person relationships with those who matter most to Lifesize.

Best Movie in the Star Wars Series:  Return of the Jedi
Favorite sports team:  The Michigan Wolverines.  Go Blue!  
Favorite Band:  The Black Keys
Best Arcade game:  Galaga

How Michael Helps Lifesize Customers

Michael interacts with customers on an almost daily basis, learning how they use our video conferencing technology, what they love about it and how we can make it even better. He and his team work tirelessly to ensure that Lifesize products are the absolute easiest to use, include the most critical features and are sold at a price point that is accessible for any organization.

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