Michael Lovell

Chief Financial Officer

A family-oriented business leader with a knack for numbers … and for wielding a mean lacrosse stick.

Finance. Accounting. Legal. HR. IT. Facilities. To say that Michael Lovell is a busy guy is an understatement. As Chief Financial Officer, Michael ensures that Lifesize’s business processes are sound, that we hire the right people to help our company thrive and that we have both the technical and physical infrastructure to excel. Fortunately, to Michael, these challenges are all in a day’s work.

For example, Michael has led his teams through a number of exciting company changes throughout his tenure here. This includes the acquisition by Logitech and the introduction of new, innovative video conferencing products to the marketplace such as Lifesize Cloud.

Prior to serving as CFO, Michael was our Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for nearly three years. Before coming to Lifesize, he was Vice President of Finance at Surgient, a software-as-a-service provider of virtualization technology. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations of NewportWorks, a provider of real estate-related voice-technology solutions, where he managed the company’s acquisition by First American Title Company.

Favorite Book: The Bonfire of the Vanities 
Vacation preference: Beach
Favorite sports team: San Francisco 49ers
Favorite Band: Rolling Stones

How Michael Helps Lifesize Customers

Though Michael’s Lifesize role is not customer-facing, his management behind the scenes has a huge impact on our company. He ensures that our business processes are solid, which makes us better able to deliver outstanding customer experiences through video conferencing. By managing our finances, his team helps us make the right business choices so we can always focus on reinvesting in our customers.

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