Business at the Speed of Life: Video Conferencing Made Easy

Business needs to run at the speed of life. Unfortunately, far too often our corporate communications are encumbered by overly complex technology or distance which slows down our decision making and general business processes. In this webinar, Lifesize Video Evangelist, Simon Dudley, will reveal how you can transform your business and save time through the implementation of extremely simple and cost-effective cloud-based video conferencing. Join Simon to learn how you can connect yourself, your office and your team to the world in this fun, yet informative, webinar.

You will learn:

  • How Lifesize has revolutionized how users utilize video conferencing technology
  • The benefits of having your video environment hosted in the cloud, like freeing up your time and resources
  • How cloud video conferencing can fit your organization’s specific needs, mobilize your workforce, and make your job easier (without breaking the bank!)
  • When:

    Thursday, March 12, 2015

  • Register: