Logitech buys video-conferencing firm Lifesize

Nov 11, 2009

CNET News | Larry Dignan

The following is an excerpt from the article, "InfoWorld's 2010 Technology of the Year Awards"

"Ideal for small groups, Express 220 maintains the earlier model's 1080p-resolution (30 frames a second) video capability; alternately, you can now configure the systems for two simultaneous 720p (60 frames per second) video streams: one for sharing crisp video of people and the other to transmit clear screens from a PC presentation or other video source.

But the clincher is that Lifesize Express now accommodates one 720p video stream even at the lowest possible bandwidth (768Kbps). Express 220 also adds connections for two HD monitors, plus HDMI and USB inputs. The new model still forgoes the analog video inputs available on the Polycom. But we don't feel that's a handicap because most current video sources and cameras are digital."