See the Lamest Startup Office in America

Oct 29, 2013

Fast Company | Rebecca Greenfield

Being perk-resistant doesn't necessarily mean being tech-averse. One fixture of the office is Lifesize, a video conference system that connects the Paris team to the New York team. (Schalit, a native Parisian, started Dashlane in France.) A large computer monitor affixed with a webcam sits at the head of the New York office. The Paris office has a corresponding setup. If a marketing manager needs to talk to an engineer across an ocean 5,000 miles away, he doesn't email. He walks right up to the monitor and talks to that person via teleconference. For those who want to have a more private conversation, they can head to the "tiny, horrible room," as Schalit describes it, that fits a Lifesize screen and a wooden slab some might call a desk. "It’s ugly. It’s tiny. It serves its purpose."