Video collaboration continues to gain momentum

Jan 14, 2016

NetworkWorld | Keith Shaw

…The next big move, of course, would be to integrate some kind of videoconferencing system or service into the mix – and it should be a bit easier as we’ve noticed a big trend of those companies moving to the cloud. Witness today’s news from Lifesize, which announced it was spinning off from parent company Logitech to focus on its videoconferencing cloud service. It’s pretty easy to figure out why the shift is happening – on-premise equipment for large-scale videoconferencing (think of those huge telepresence systems that sit in the board room at your office) is expensive, and keeping everything connected on the back-end was (is?) an IT nightmare. If any market is built for the cloud, it’s videoconferencing. With the spinoff, Lifesize now gets to focus its energies on providing service for business customers without having to answer to a mainly consumer-based hardware company. More importantly, it gets to compete in the cloud-services market, which is expected to grow immensely.