Get Obsessed: 3 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

Sep 26, 2016

Channel Partners | Craig Malloy

"Obsession" is not a word I use lightly. However, in my experience, taking a truly "customer obsessed" approach was the only way our business was able to thrive.

Our need to become customer-obsessed was ignited by some of our biggest “fail" moments with regard to truly understanding and responding to our customer needs. Beginning in 2003, Lifesize offered on-premises videoconferencing technology, but as cloud solutions and services gained traction among increasingly mobile and globally distributed workforces, we knew we had to reinvent Lifesize as a SaaS solution or close our doors for good.

By shifting our product strategy, restructuring our internal organization and parting with our parent company, Logitech, we made great strides in the market. To date, we have more than doubled the number of paying customer accounts on the Lifesize flagship cloud platform, to more than 3,500. We are also adding more than 140 new customers every month, and we’ve surpassed industry medians for annual recurring revenue growth rates.