Operationalizing Customer Success, Part 2: Customer Obsession During Moments of Truth

Sep 26, 2016

Customer Zone 360 | Amy Downs

CEO Jim Smith feels a familiar twinge of nervousness as he heads into the boardroom. Pitching to investors has never been his favorite part of the job, but he focuses on positive thinking.

“Who wouldn’t want to invest in this incredible company?”

He sits down, dials into his conferencing bridge and joins the meeting. A moment later, the investor’s face pops up on the screen – his bright yellow tie dazzling in high definition.

Jim smiles and takes a deep breath.

 “Mike, it’s great to see you aga-“

Suddenly, a dark screen.

Panicked and confused, Jim attempts to restart the meeting, but to no avail. He runs down the hallway and bursts into the office of Darryl, IT Administrator Extraordinaire. Jim frantically explains his urgent situation, and Darryl jumps into action. After a few minutes of troubleshooting, however, he delivers to Jim some discouraging news: their service provider is experiencing problems, and his investor meeting can’t restart.

Although it’s of little consolation to him, Jim isn’t alone in his frustration today. In the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS (News - Alert)), a service-impacting event usually affects multiple users at the exact same time. And that means many unhappy users – all at once.

Predictably, recovering from such an event takes a lot of time and energy.