The Leaders' Dilemma: The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea

Oct 25, 2016

Business 2 Community | Craig Malloy

In order to stay afloat, I had to sink our ship. It was a daunting decision, but as the “Captain” it was necessary.

As a matter of background, Lifesize’s journey began in 2003 as a provider of communications equipment for conference rooms. By 2009 we were a $160 million powerhouse; Logitech noted our success and acquired us. Initially, it was very validating, but as time passed the world changed: collaboration services started moving to the cloud, and Lifesize was stuck in the boardroom and the corporate data center. By 2014, we reached our “evolve-or-die” moment: ditch our legacy model, or go down with it.

Now that we’re through the reinvention process – and as of late Dec. 2015, officially spun off from Logitech – I’ve compiled four lessons that resonate across all aspects of leadership, and can help others negotiate similar seas of change with confidence.