Lifesize remakes its culture as a 're-startup'

Nov 10, 2016

Austin American Statesman | Kirk Ladendorf

After more than a decade in the videoconferencing industry, Austin’s Lifesize Inc. has revamped its business and reshaped its its culture as it enters a new chapter of rapid expansion.

The company shifted a few years ago from concentrating its business on advanced videoconferencing hardware toward a new emphasis on selling videoconferencing as a service delivered over computer cloud-based software applications.

The shift was a huge one, both from an engineering point of view and from the changes required in the company’s workplace culture.

That is where Amy Downs came in. She joined Lifesize two years ago as its chief customer success and happiness officer.

Company co-founder Craig Malloy had rejoined the company to transform its business operation. He hired Downs to help create the new culture he believed the company required to succeed in the service world.