Customer Success: Where to Start and What to Expect

Dec 14, 2016

Customerzone360 | Amy Downs

“Why do you think customers leave us?”

When I asked our executive team this question two years ago, I received a variety of anecdotal responses: poor customer service, overselling and under delivering, lack of adoption across the organization. The multitude of potential reasons made for a foggy picture of the true pain points for our customers. And, without clear data to support the claims, it was difficult to determine what needed to be addressed most immediately.

The truth is that customer attrition is indeed a complex problem that’s rarely a result of just one trigger. Customers usually only head for the door after an onslaught of smaller frustrations. Death by a thousand paper cuts, as they say.

Naturally, getting customer churn under control isn’t an overnight effort. A Customer Success function with ears to the ground and the tools to flag customers at risk can make a big difference in whittling down attrition. But it takes time to build a program, and the journey requires commitment and investment from the whole company. 

If you’re at the outset of a Customer Success program and unsure of where to go next, here are the critical first steps to start your journey.