Tackle the summer productivity slump with flexible working

Jul 21, 2016

BDaily | Andy Nolan

Whist stuck in the office during the summer holiday period, most employees wish they had the entire time off.

While it’s not practical for most businesses to shut down over summer, there are still ways to get into the summer spirit without letting work responsibilities slip.A survey found that up to 30% of workplaces offer some version of ‘Summer Fridays’, where employees have the chance to head out early to enjoy the sunshine. Whilst some managers may find this loosening of the reins daunting, many see this as a great way to boost employee engagement and productivity. Small rewards like this won’t damage work ethic or cause a trough in productivity, in fact it will make employees value their jobs and reinforce the respect they have for their management team.

Flexible working initiatives are a good way to keep employees engaged over the summer months. Flexible working can help to harmonise the work/life balance and this is even more important whilst the sun is shining. According to the Institute of Leadership and Management, 84% of managers who have implemented flexible working schedules in the UK have already seen improvements in productivity, commitment and retention of staff.