Videoconferencing without the tricky bits

Jan 19, 2017

Business Info |

The changing nature of work today, characterised by dispersed workforces, mobile workers, telecommuting and constantly evolving technology, is causing many organisations to re- evaluate how they support employee communication and collaboration. Throw in greater travel disruption and the need to control costs and it is easy to see why videoconferencing is now seen as an essential tool in any company’s IT offering.

The need for seamless collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners who may be located outside a company’s main office, country or time zone has produced an explosion in demand for integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) conferencing solutions that are able to deliver easy to use consumer-like services.

Organisations that make use of this technology benefit immediately from an instant ‘on service’, minimal internal IT costs and quick adoption, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness and improved employee recruitment and retention.