Five ways to derive more efficiency out of a dispersed workforce

Feb 17, 2017

AV Magazine | Andy Nolan

Organisations are finding themselves under increasing pressure when it comes to business communication. The changing nature of today’s work environment, combined with constantly evolving technology are creating demands for more efficient, realtime interactions.

With an increasing gap in skills, lack of local workforce, increasing travel expenses and expensive office space, companies are starting to come to the realisation that having everyone based in one location is not a reality in today’s world. While there are great benefits to the flexibility of having people work where they want and where they are most productive, there are also challenges in making communications and collaboration efficient.

Here are some tips to get the most of out your dispersed workforce and enable new levels of collaboration.

1 Understand the importance of connectivity

The pace of communication and connectivity technology evolution and adoption has resulted in a whole new set of expectations – from customers, partners, employers and employees. We need to respond faster, be able to connect to colleagues easily, and generally adapt to an ‘always on’ world.The challenges of staying connected are both compounded and addressed by the mobile work force. Being able to work from anywhere sounds nice, but it also introduces new issues in how all that interconnectivity and communications should be managed.