Customer Obsession: The Foundation for Growth

Feb 28, 2017

Business2Community | Craig Malloy

In 2014, I faced a crossroads. While my company — video conferencing pioneer Lifesize – was building servers and dedicated appliances for the data center, our competitors were pocketing victories with the flexibility of a cloud service delivery model. I weighed our options, and it became clear that our only chance for surviving this industry shift was to transform Lifesize into a leading SaaS-based conferencing company.

Our road to reinvention was going to involve a lot of discomfort as we faced hard truths. It was critical that we overhaul our product, uproot our organization and completely transform our approach to customer service — the last of which was a tremendous undertaking. The truth was, at a dismal Net Promoter Score of -4, our customer service strategy was sinking our business. Yet today, nearly two and a half years later, we’ve reached a remarkable score of more than 70 and a retention rate surpassing industry medians.