Lifesize Live Stream Can Stream Meetings And Training Sessions To 10,000 Viewers

Mar 9, 2017

Commercial Integrator Europe | Alice Gustafson

New from Lifesize is the Lifesize Live Stream, a cloud-based application that allows users to live stream company meetings, executive updates and training sessions in high-definition, broadcast quality.

Lifesize Live Stream allows IT administrators to enable an unlimited number of Lifesize virtual meeting rooms to simultaneously live stream events with up to 10,000 viewers and 50 video-enabled sites per event.

This new tool should appeal to organisations as it allows them to pay based on usage due to the Lifesize Live Stream pricing model.

To promote active participation from audience members, Lifesize Live Stream offers a real-time Q&A feature that lets viewers ask questions directly from the live streaming page. Coupled with Lifesize Record & Share (formerly Lifesize Amplify), the tool also allows one-click recording of any event, which can be shared with absent viewers later and housed in a personal video library.