Videoconferencing tech focused on fixing business problems

Mar 22, 2017

BusinessCloud | Katherine Lofthouse

Were you stuck in rush-hour traffic this morning? Could you have missed an important meeting as a result?

Well, a solution might be at hand. Advances in the quality of videoconferencing have led some to believe that the technology is as good – if not better – than meeting face-to-face.

Michael Helmbrecht is the chief product and operations officer at Texas-based videoconferencing company Lifesize. He says videoconferencing platforms are now able to save organisations time and money while offering the same experience as if you were in the same room.

In October the company launched the Lifesize Icon 450, a smart-framing device that automatically adjusts the camera to centre everyone in the room. It is advances like this that will help users forget they’re using tech at all, says Helmbrecht.

“The tech disappears and you can just have the meeting,” he explains. “That’s what we do and what makes it special. It’s a connected device, and we just tried to make an outstanding, simple experience.”