InfoComm 2017: Observations from a Weary Warrior

Jun 16, 2017

Wainhouse Research | Andrew W. Davis

I had forgotten how long the walk is from one end of the InfoComm exhibit hall to the other, but if done swiftly and with purpose, the world’s largest AV show definitely fulfills the need for an exercise regimen.  The show is also a combination of old-home-week and a fraternity reunion for those in the video conferencing industry.  You get to see all your old friends and competitors and share yarns about the good old days.

This year’s show had a very upbeat tone to it.  And while some might argue that on one level there’s nothing really new, on another level, things are shifting.  This year, for example, touch screens and various forms of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and interactive flat panels (IFPs) were everywhere on the show floor.  Call this a new trend, or at least a new level of interest, even though the product category has been around since Napoleon marched on Moscow.  Some of the products turned your typical legacy flat screen TV or monitor into an IFP.  The low end of the price range starts with TouchJet, where newly hired EVP of sales Jim Fairweather is chartered to solve the go-to-market challenge for an enterprise solution selling at a $299 price point.