Interview with Tiffany Nels, CMO at Lifesize

Jun 20, 2017

Martech Advisor | Ginger Conlon

Ginger: Hello and welcome to Martech Advisor’s Executive Interview Series, I’m Ginger Conlon, a contributing editor to MarTech Advisor, and joining us today is Tiffany Nells who is CMO of Lifesize. Welcome Tiffany.

Tiffany: Thank you so much for having me, I’m excited.

Q: Ginger: We are so glad you are here today. We are going to talk about trends and opportunities with video conferencing, but before we dive in I would love to hear a little bit about Lifesize. Can you briefly tell us about what is Lifesize and what makes it unique?

A: Tiffany: Sure, so Lifesize at its very core, provides video, audio and web conferencing through a SaaS based cloud technology. We base that technology off the 12- 13 years of experience we have in video conferencing. But what’s really unique about what Lifesize does is, we have a native connected experience to cameras and HD phones within the conference room. So you get that complete experience from a mobile device, to a desktop application, to the conference room. And that allows us to bring anybody into the meeting, from anywhere at any time.