Agility and Innovation – Tiffany Nels Shares Ideal Marketing Skills

Jul 19, 2017

MARTECH Advisor | Ginger Conlon

Ginger Conlon: Hello and welcome to MarTech Advisor's executive interview series. I'm Ginger Conlon a contributing editor to MarTech Advisor and joining me today is Tiffany Nels who is CMO of Lifesize. Welcome Tiffany!

Tiffany Nels: Thank you so much! Excited to be here.

Q: Ginger Conlon: So glad you're here with us today, we are going to talk about the skills that marketers need to succeed today. But, before we jump into that I would love to hear briefly about your career journey to become the CMO of Lifesize.

A: Tiffany Nels: Sure. So, my background has really been in brand and strategic communication. So, you know, throughout the history of my career it's been about finding the right words, the right messages, to get people to engage and then feel like the company understands their unique problem and what solution is going to solve that. I've been doing that on the tech side my entire career. I started with a company called pcOrder, also did Mediaprise, spent some time at the agency Fleishman-Hillard and previous to Lifesize did a pretty long stint at SolarWinds that involved in IPO. So, it's always been about the messaging, it's always about creating that connection with the target persona and I just transitioned that into making sure that flows all the way through the marketing stack.