In The Engagement Economy, Advocacy Trumps Loyalty

Oct 6, 2017

CMO | Josh Catone

When Amy Downs joined videoconferencing company Lifesize as chief customer success and happiness officer in 2014, the company had a Net Promoter Score of -4. On top of that, the company was in the midst of a transition from a distributor-based business model built around selling on-premise products to one selling cloud services directly to customers. The fact that basically none of its customers would recommend its products was a problem.

We’re now living in the engagement economy, where everyone and everything is always connected. People have always talked, but now they do it at unprecedented scale. That’s important in a world where it takes anywhere from five to 20 toucheswith your marketing to generate a sales lead, and 80% of marketing reach comes from amplification via customers. Marketing is no longer one to one or even one to many, it’s one to many ... to many ... to many.

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