Video collaboration sparks change in the power industry

Nov 13, 2017

AV Magazine | Zoe Mutter

The company has 16 individual offices across Ontario and five individual leadership teams from each business unit that need to communicate with each other in real time.

Determined to better its collaboration, Spark Power placed increasing value on its weekly leadership meetings and monthly business reporting meetings, which required all relevant employees’ attendance at the central office in Oakville on the west edge of Toronto. Looking closely at these meetings — as well as ad hoc meetings throughout the week — Spark Power realised that an average of 16 to 20 people were losing an entire day to traveling for meetings.

The beginning of an acquisition of another company in the spring of 2016 introduced Spark Power to Lifesize video communication technology, and the team quickly realised how revolutionary it could be to their business. The leadership teams completed the acquisition largely by coordinating between Canada and the Netherlands virtually, and by the end of the process, video had become a necessary, mission-critical business tool.