4 Tips for Building a Cohesive Collaboration Ecosystem

Nov 15, 2017

No Jitter | Bobby Beckmann

The proliferation of collaboration technology is enough to make an IT professional's head spin.

IT professionals know that collaboration technology is critical to communication within a company, but do they know where tools overlap in functionality and cost? Apparently not. A studyLifesize recently commissioned with Spiceworks shows that 56% of IT professionals don't know how much their organizations are spending on subscriptions or licenses for collaboration. 

Collaboration technologies are ushering in an era of instant communication and increased productivity -- and not a moment too soon. With the rise of the remote workforce, there is an even greater need for collaboration, and teams are looking for tools that get the job done, with or without IT support. But with an onslaught of new video, voice, and chat technologies claiming to fix one issue or another, it can be challenging to make sense of all of the tools a company uses to keep employees connected.