Interview: The Challenges around Customer Engagement

Nov 13, 2017

Enterprise Management 360 | Amy Downs

Amy believes Customer Obsession comes from the heart; success is simply unlocking the deep passion that lies within each of us by helping each person realize the important part they play in our Customers’ lives and servant leadership is a huge part of this. Our #1 goal is to earn customers’ business for life!

Adrian is a huge fan of organisations that do great things for their customers and has been helping many to achieve their own level of greatness for over 20 years now via consulting, writing, speaking, and workshops in the areas of strategy, customer service/experience, customer insight, marketing and business development. His driving passion is helping create, develop and grow businesses that take care of their customers in the best way possible and create the great teams that are required to do that. Adrian was a former teacher, economist, manager of businesses and leader of teams, he’s also a lover of simplicity and advocate of the human touch with a bit of really useful technology thrown in.