Fully adopting a UC way of working

May 16, 2019

AV Magazine | Steve Montgomery

The combination of new hardware and software communication tools has transformed simple voice telecommunication into a much wider, more richly featured, commercial solution – one which now includes video and data sharing capabilities, loosely collected together under the umbrella term Unified Communications (UI), although this is an ill-defined description.

At its core, is a set of tools or processes that should enable people to communicate and collaborate, seamlessly and without restriction. But actually defining them is not straightforward either. There are essentially three main pillars of UC – messaging and sharing tools, traditional phone systems and meeting spaces according to Bobby Beckmann, CTO at Lifesize. “Email and phone systems are being left by the wayside and eclipsed by the powerful combination of realtime chat using systems, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams and by virtual meeting spaces enabled by video communication. Those two synergistic technologies allow work conversations to be more casual and engaging than sending an email or picking up a phone ever could.”