Colleges Strive to Create Positive Social Experiences Amid COVID-19

Nov 23, 2020

EdTech Magazine | Adam Stone

Extracurriculars are just part of the picture. Students also need an authentic classroom experience, despite the constraints of COVID-19 — and here, too, technology can help.

The Ohio State University and Yale University are using collaboration hardware from Lifesize, whose Kaptivo whiteboard and camera systems help professors connect with students in large, socially distanced learning spaces.

“If you are in a large lecture hall, somebody has to sit at the back whether they want to or not, because they are social distancing, and the visibility of the whiteboard is not so good for those at the back,” says David Hsieh, general manager of advanced collaboration at Lifesize. With the right tools, “you can digitize the whiteboard and show it on monitors at the rear of the auditorium.”