How to Buy

How to buy your Lifesize video conferencing solution

Congratulations! You’re about to join thousands of leading companies that have entered the world of Lifesize HD video conferencing. We’ve made it as easy for you to buy or lease your system as it is to set up your Lifesize solution.

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How to Buy

Let us help you determine your video conferencing solution needs.

We are happy to help you determine your exact video conferencing needs so you can get the perfect Lifesize connected experience. We’ll work with you directly to determine your perfect Lifesize solution, get it delivered and get it up and running. We can also help connect you with one of our resale partners, if that’s a better option for you.

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Find a Lifesize reseller.

Lifesize resellers are all highly qualified professionals dedicated to solving complex video conferencing installations as well as simply giving customized solutions for our customers. We will gladly help you determine your needs and find the perfect Lifesize partner who can get you up and running.

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Want the flexibility of buying a video conferencing solution without the investment of owning? There’s a lease for that.

Smart Lease offers welcomed flexibility in this ever-changing technology marketplace—and Lifesize is the only video manufacturer to provide this 100% peace of mind. It lets you replace your whole solution, without penalty, if your needs change. It includes act-of-God coverage and offers several end-of-term options. Simply put, the Lifesize Smart Lease program provides more value and less risk than any other method of acquisition.

We also have a traditional capital lease for those who prefer a capital expense and know upfront that they would like to own the equipment at the end of term.

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