Free is good. Reliable, lifelike and effortless are better, especially when it comes to getting business done. Just think about how much you get done when you’re squinting at a low quality web video or sitting through all the distractions on an audio web conference. Now imagine collaborating on the HD screen in your conference room with real people who see you just as clearly.

Once you see the connected experience, you’ll understand why paying for a professional, high quality video conferencing service is incredible.

Simply see everyone in lifelike resolution and make real-life decisions thanks to actual, face-to-face experiences.

Did we say easy?

Sometimes, we don’t even realize how complicated something is until something better changes everything. Remember life before visual voicemail let us choose exactly the message we wanted to hear? Lifesize is making that same leap forward in video conferencing.

Calls and meetings are truly just one click away. Anyone can join a meeting after you invite them to your network. That’s it. No complicated dialing interfaces. No extra steps. Just radically easy video conferencing that gets out of the way so you can have more meaningful meetings. When you’re ready to simplify everything about your meetings, Lifesize HD video conferencing solutions and services are what you want.

The features are no comparison.

Free services cannot match the business-class features that Lifesize offers. Sure, you can talk to multiple people at once, but do you automatically get a big picture of who’s talking? Can you add more people midcall with one click? Can you ask people to drop off without ending the entire call?

Only Lifesize gives you the easy, intuitive features businesses need.

  • Take your conference rooms to wherever your people are.
  • Click to add up to 40 locations or participants per call.
  • Plug and play functionality that syncs your address book to everyone in your network.
  • Zoom in on exactly who’s talking with automatic call escalation or select from any of the predefined display layouts.
  • Plug your video endpoint into the Internet and start calling right away.
  • Instantly integrate desktop and mobile users into your network.

See for yourself

How do you choose the video solution that's right for you? Here's a quick “at-a-glance” comparison chart to show you some of the features and benefits that video has over audio and the Web.

Feature Audio Web
2-way Communication checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Multiway Communication checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Show/Share Data   checkmark checkmark checkmark
See Faces   checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ascertain Human Emotion     checkmark checkmark
Instant Availability checkmark   checkmark checkmark