General settings

  1. Log in to the admin console.
  2. Click Account Settings from the navigation menu.
  3. Select the General Settings tab.
    • Default language: Choose the default language for your account. Use the group language in the following scenarios:
      • For new users, the default app language is the user’s system or browser language. If the system or browser language is not detectable or is not a language supported by Lifesize, then the default group language displays. Users can choose to change their personal app language to any of the supported languages.
      • The Icon event alert emails use the group language. If enabled and applicable to your account, any room system monitoring email alerts are sent in the language defined from the group language setting.
    • Chat: Enable or disable chat for all users in your account.
    • Meeting invites: Select which information appears in your meeting invitations.
      • Show meeting passcode in all meeting invites: Option to show passcodes in all meeting invites even if you are not the owner of the meeting. Passcodes are optional and are not required for meetings. NOTE: Meeting owners will always see the passcode. If the passcode is hidden, other users or attendees need to contact the meeting owner for protected meetings.
      • Other ways to call: Option to add a link to other ways to call.
      • Skype for Business: Option to include a link to join your meeting from your Skype for Business app (Skype for Business add-on required).
      • Calling from conference room: Option to add information about how to join a meeting from a Lifesize conference room.
    • Phone Numbers: If audio conferencing is included in your subscription, you have the option to include dial in numbers in your meeting invites. Select a main number and up to three additional phone numbers to appear in email and calendar invitations and on the Call Me page for guest users. If you do not make a selection for the main number, the US phone number is displayed by default. The main number also appears in My Profile in the Lifesize app and the My Info screen in Lifesize Icons and Lifesize Phones. 
    • Record and Share: Configure recording options and set sharing permissions.
      • Allow recording: Allows recording of calls, meetings and Live Stream events.
      • Allow public sharing of recordings: Specifies whether users can share call and meeting recordings outside of the group using a public link. The meeting or recording owner determines the audience within the Lifesize group. NOTE: Recording must be enabled for your account. 
    • Meeting Layout: Choose default screen layouts used for all calls and meetings.
      • Option 1: Always displays the active speaker larger in the layout.
      • Option 2: Displays the participants equally until more than 4 participants have joined, then the active speaker displays larger.
    • Domains Filter: Restricts new user accounts to specific domains for added security. Users attempting to join your account with an email address that does not match the domain receive an error. For example, entering in the field prevents any attempt to create a new user account that is using an email domain other than As an admin, you can automatically approve new users with authorized email addresses and restrict new users without authorized email addresses from joining your account.
    • Chat Integrations: Allows integration with your existing Microsoft Teams or Slack accounts.