Manage meetings

Lifesize admins can manage all meetings from the Meetings tab of the admin console, including:

Set the number of days to keep inactive meetings

To help you keep your Lifesize directory organized, we provide a cleanup feature that automatically deletes inactive meetings. 

You can set the number of days you want to keep a meeting after its last activity. New accounts have a default of zero days. You can set the number of days up to 365. NOTE: If you set the number of days to zero, your meetings never expire.

An expiring soon label displays next to meetings that are expiring within seven days or the number you set if it is less than seven days. The meeting deletes when the meeting expires. A call into the meeting room resets it as an active meeting. Hovering over the label with your cursor displays the number of days until your inactive meeting expires. Use the Search feature to find meetings that are expiring soon by typing "expiring soon" in the Search field.

When the expiration interval is changed to a shorter interval, a verification screen displays a list of meetings that will be deleted as a result of the change. To delete the inactive meetings, click Delete. If you do not want a meeting to be deleted, click Cancel and then use the meeting by calling in or chatting. This resets the expiration clock.  

If the expiration interval you set is less than seven, the label appears on the exact number of days you set for the interval.  

A meeting that does not have a last used date is not deleted. For example, if you create a meeting, but do not call into or use the chat function, that meeting does not have a used date.

To download the information displayed on the Meetings page to a CSV formatted report, click Export All.

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