Manage room systems

Admins can view all of the Lifesize room systems in their Lifesize company account from the Room Systems page of the admin console

  • Pair your Lifesize Icon room system to the cloud-based service
  • To remove a room system from your Lifesize account, select the check box next to the system's name and click Delete. If you remove a system associated with an individual user or shared conference room, only the system is disconnected. The user or conference room account is still available in your Lifesize account.
  • To download the room system's report in CSV format, click Export All.
  • For information about customizing your room system, see Customize your Icons and Customize your Lifesize Phone HD.
  • Before you subscribe an Icon to the Calendar service, make sure you have Configured Lifesize Calendar to meet the requirements.
  • To hide a room system from the directory, click the room system's name to open a new page. In the Settings tab, enable the Hide from Directory option. When enabled, this allows you to hide a specific room system from the directory.